Car accidents are easy to prevent using modern technology

Car accidents are easy to prevent using modern technology

Over the world more than one million people are killed every year. Numbers are easy to control in a row. Only in the United States car keys cost every American man woman and child over a thousand dollars a year. Its over $ 150 billion a year. Every 12 minutes someone dies in a car crash on American roads and every 10 seconds someone gets injured in America by a car and taken to an emergency department. Every ten seconds.

As the number of deaths from car accidents 2010 was almost 33000 the total cost of them was over $ 240 billion. In just one year.

Compare it with the death of terrorist attacks and shooting and the like all of which have combined since 1857 have not exceeded 5000 in the United States. To put it in perspective during the same 150 years over 3 200 000 people were killed by cars in the United States alone. It is over 600 times as many as killed by terrorists. Its an incredibly disproportionate relationship. Worse still the US Department of Transportation spends only about $ 5 billion a year on its security programs while the NSA CIA and FBI have a combined budget that is almost four times as high.

And its only the deaths caused by traffic accidents. Damage is much more common. There are about 6 million traffic accidents every year in the United States alone and about 3 million people are injured by them. The economic cost of all these in terms of the cost of processing them and lost working hours can not be calculated. It may well be half a trillion dollars each year. Considering that US GDP amounts to only $ 14 trillion or so it will amount to 3.5% of all US production which only goes down the drain year after year.

Fortunately it does not have to be like this. We already have the technology of almost eliminating vehicle accidents with other vehicles and drastically reducing accidents with cars on the one hand and people on the other hand. All that is needed is to have the will to mandate this technology in every car; and it is not too much to ask in the interests of security because we have already exercised our willingness to convey safety belts and airbags for exactly the same reason.

This is how it works. GPS systems are ubiquitous and cheap and install virtually every new vehicle these days. They are also small some can even fit into a pocket. WiFi is even more present and cheap it is built into all computers tablets and mobile phones sold today. And both GPS systems and WiFi are getting cheaper during the year. To make them work to avoid accidents all the necessary software is taking into consideration the mass speed and direction of the object to predict where it will be a few seconds or microseconds later if it continues how it goes. How to software is easy to write There are actually already to allow airline pilots to land aircraft in worst weather and zeroterm. Of course we only need to write the software once the cost of developing it even if its high can spread over literally billions of cars. Combine the three GPS WiFi and necessary software to a single gadget and then urged that such a gadget be installed in every road vehicle and you should have the core of an early warning system that can predict and help prevent any road collision. Any such gadget would send their GPS coordinates via WiFi to all other gadgets nearby and any other gadgets would use their builtin software to determine if a collision is imminent.

What cautious driver does of course after being so attentive. However if the driver is unable stupid or full the system may be designed to automatically slow down the car to avoid collision and take control of the driver. Some drivers may not like it as many drivers around the world do not like seat belts but if the system was mandatory and manipulated they would have no choice. Its not just for their own sake but for the benefit of all they can destroy life so theres plenty of legal and ethical reason to empower such a thing.

The cost per vehicle would be minimal. Although every gadget would cost a thousand dollars and its pushing it because GPS systems cost only a few hundred dollars each as only 17 million or so cars are sold in the US every year it would mean an annual US spending of only 17 billion dollar which compared to the $ 240 billion traffic accident costs the US economy each year is almost nothing. The fact is that although it was mandated that such a gadget be retrofitted to each vehicle and because there are about 250 million road vehicles in America today ie cars trucks and motorcycles of course it would only be a time cost that costs Just a little more than traffic accidents cost the US economy.

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